Accenture / Cloud Circle Event at Mall Galleries

April 4th, 2011

We were drafted in to help the good people down at Mall Galleries, who were hosting this annual networking event together with Accenture and Cloud Circle. We managed to set up just as the Gallery closed it’s doors to the public for the day.

We added two of our hard-working Compact Loudspeakers, plus additional wireless lapel and handheld microphones to complement the Gallery’s existing in-house PA System. With six lapel mics in total, we decided to put our EQ across the mix allowing us to ‘ring out’ both the systems and cut down on possible feedback problems later on.

Many thanks to the legends that are John and Jeff at Mall Galleries.

World Book Night quiz at Waterstones

March 16th, 2011

As part of World Book Night, we have provided one of our Speech PA Systems for the Grazia Book Club Quiz, which is being held on the first floor of Waterstones flagship store in Piccadilly, London.

The room is set ‘cabaret’ style, so we’ve opted for four compact loudspeakers to give good coverage. Two of our handheld wireless mics are being used by the quizmasters, with a spare waiting in the wings. Notable authors tonight include David Nicholls & Adele Parks. Thank you as ever to Silv and Lucy from Waterstones Piccadilly for their help.

Presentation at St. Sepulchre for Faith in Maintenance

November 22nd, 2010

Presentation at St.Sepulchre's

We travelled to St Sepulchre-Without-Newgate in Holborn Viaduct to provide a PA System for the organisation SPAB, who’s ‘Faith in Maintenance’ initiative aims to help volunteers look after historic places of worship.

For the event we chose our Presentation PA System which, with it’s four compact speakers, is the best choice for a reverberant space such as this church (which happens to be the largest parish church in the City of London!).

We brought along our Lectern with a ‘crossed pair’ of Gooseneck mics. All went well, and we wish SPAB and the team at St.Sepulchre’s all the best with this very worthwhile cause. Thanks to Tom Shorter the Events Manager for his help.

‘Apps for Good’ event at Talk Talk Flagship

October 25th, 2010

pa system at talktalk flagship store london

The smart Soho based flagship store of communications giant Talk Talk was the venue for this event promoting ‘Apps for Good’ – The course for young people encouraging them to get involved in the creation of mobile phone apps.

We were asked to provide a PA System for the event, and as the store itself is quite a large space, so we opted for our full-range Q208 loudspeakers, making sure they were out of harms way for the hundreds of guests who would be in the store.
We provided a total of five wireless handheld microphones for the various speakers to use throughout the event.

The Chelsea Barracks Partnership public meetings

September 12th, 2010

Chelsea Barracks Partnership public meetings

We were asked by the consultation agency Soundings to provide our
PA Systems
, AV equipment (and expertise) for a series of public meetings to discuss the proposed planning application of the highly publicised Chelsea Barracks redevelopment. We worked in a range of different venues around the vicinity of the barracks, ranging from local community centres, to churches and even the famous home of the Chelsea Pensioners!

We used our DPA 4080 lapel microphones for the panel of architects involved with the design of the redevelopment, and our Beyer Dynamic handheld microphones for the local residents who would be affected by the plan. With each event becoming quite heated at times as planners and residents volleyed views back and forth, we had a full-time job keeping a ceiling on the noise levels as they rose up and up (not an easy task in the highly reverberant space of the Holy Trinity church!). With such a wide range of venues, we had to treat each event very differently, whilst at the same time provide the same consistently high level of sound reinforcement and support, and we couldn’t have achieved this without the support of the Amanda Walker and the Soundings team.

Alberto Manguel in conversation at RCI

August 6th, 2010

The legendary writer, translator and editor Alberto Manguel was the guest at this European Commission sponsored event. The Royal Society of Literature were the hosts for this extremely popular evening at the Romanian Cultural Institute in London.

The conversation took place between Manguel and fellow author Marina Warner in the centre of an L-shaped room, which was a challenge in terms of sound coverage. With careful planning (including a prior visit to the Institute) we decided upon a configuration with our ever-popular Compact Loudspeakers made by Qube Audio. The heaving room meant we had to be very economical with the space we took up, but as this is one of the areas where we excel, it proved no problem. A very enjoyable evening for all involved. Many thanks to all at RSL for their continued support.

DCN Meeting and Forum 2010

July 2nd, 2010

We travelled up to Ashmole school, in Southgate, North London for the national meeting of the Doner Coneption Network. We brought in our equalisers and a mixer, and installed five of our tabletop microphones, together with two wireless handheld mics into the school’s existing PA System. On occassion this makes so much more sense than bringing in a separate system, especially when the loud speakers are well positioned (in this case, suspended from the ceiling).

In addition to our sound engineering duties, we set-up two audio feeds. One feed went to our Data Recorder, and the other went to our Cameraman who was capturing the event to video (we also filmed some “voxpop” style interviews for the DVD). The main focus of this day was the finding and contacting of half-siblings, and all participants treated the day with delicacy and respect – we were lucky to be part of such an event. Thanks to Damian at Ashmole school for his help.

Dennis Norden CBE at Television Veterans Lunch

June 5th, 2010

The Royal Television Society hosted a tv veterans lunch at Royal Over-Seas House to celebrate the life and work of their guest of honour Dennis Norden CBE, and the packed room were not disappointed. The seasoned comedy writer and broadcaster recalled his career with questions from fellow writer Barry Cryer.

We used two of our DPA tie-clip microphones and four of our Q106 compact loudspeakers. This event was one of the highlights of 2010, and the standing ovation at the end said it all. Many thanks as ever to Tony at ROSL for his help and support.

Topping-Out Ceremony for Galliford Try

May 27th, 2010

We travelled to the Michael Faraday Primary School in South East London for a topping-out ceremony. The £8 million contract undertaken by Galliford Try will see a massive improvement to the school.

We decided to use our four speaker Presentation PA System to give us the right coverage in this very reverberant space. The addition of two of our Beyer Dynamic wireless hand-held mics completed the equipment used. Dusty conditions aren’t the norm for us, but early starts definitely are – Neither presented any problems. Once all the dignitaries had left, we were able to take out the equipment quickly to allow building work to continue on this vital cause.

Crime Fiction Discussion at Swedish Embassy

May 13th, 2010

Our friends over at the Embassy of Sweden asked us to provide sound for their special night celebrating Swedish crime fiction, in particular that of Steig Larsson. Chairing the panel was broadcaster and journalist Mark Lawson, who was joined by Swedish authors Hakan Nesser and Eva Geddin as well as Larsson’s publisher (crime writing royalty Lynda La Plante!) plus Larsson’s biographer Barry Forshaw.

We used our classic set-up of four compact loudspeakers around the beautiful (and packed) room. Five wireless lapel mics were used for the panel, with extra time allowed at the set-up to eliminate any possible feedback. The night was a success, and we were thrilled to be part of it. Many thanks to Ann Nilsen and Karl Otto from the embassy.

AV Presentation at Ransoms Dock

April 1st, 2010

AV Presentation at Ransoms Dock

Our friends from NDL needed our help for a series of informal meetings. Their client wanted to discuss an upcoming advertising campaign, using various examples of video, powerpoint presentations and promotional imagery.

The setting was the delightful rooftop conservatory down at Ransoms Dock. We provided our ever popular Qube Audio 106 compact loudspeakers, which we placed either side of a 42 inch Plasma Screen. We plugged in the various laptops to the system, liaising with the client to ensure everything was perfect. All went as planned. Many thanks to Lauren at NDL for all her support.

Press Conference at Fulham Football Club

March 12th, 2010

We have been fortunate enough to provide the sound for all of the recent press conferences at Craven Cottage. On this occasion, it was before and after a key UEFA match. The press stand had to be constructed first before we got to install our pa system.

We set up three of our trusty Sennheiser table mics, which were split off to provide twenty separate audio feeds for the news crews, as well as being routed through our Qube 208 Loudspeakers. All went well, and more importantly Fulham won!
Thanks as ever to Katie in the press office and to all the staff in the cafe!