Presentation at St. Sepulchre for Faith in Maintenance

Presentation at St.Sepulchre's

We travelled to St Sepulchre-Without-Newgate in Holborn Viaduct to provide a PA System for the organisation SPAB, who’s ‘Faith in Maintenance’ initiative aims to help volunteers look after historic places of worship.

For the event we chose our Presentation PA System which, with it’s four compact speakers, is the best choice for a reverberant space such as this church (which happens to be the largest parish church in the City of London!).

We brought along our Lectern with a ‘crossed pair’ of Gooseneck mics. All went well, and we wish SPAB and the team at St.Sepulchre’s all the best with this very worthwhile cause. Thanks to Tom Shorter the Events Manager for his help.

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