The Chelsea Barracks Partnership public meetings

Chelsea Barracks Partnership public meetings

We were asked by the consultation agency Soundings to provide our
PA Systems
, AV equipment (and expertise) for a series of public meetings to discuss the proposed planning application of the highly publicised Chelsea Barracks redevelopment. We worked in a range of different venues around the vicinity of the barracks, ranging from local community centres, to churches and even the famous home of the Chelsea Pensioners!

We used our DPA 4080 lapel microphones for the panel of architects involved with the design of the redevelopment, and our Beyer Dynamic handheld microphones for the local residents who would be affected by the plan. With each event becoming quite heated at times as planners and residents volleyed views back and forth, we had a full-time job keeping a ceiling on the noise levels as they rose up and up (not an easy task in the highly reverberant space of the Holy Trinity church!). With such a wide range of venues, we had to treat each event very differently, whilst at the same time provide the same consistently high level of sound reinforcement and support, and we couldn’t have achieved this without the support of the Amanda Walker and the Soundings team.

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